Author Chat with Award Winning Journalist, David J. Figura

Is this as good as life gets? Can’t I do better than this? Award winning journalist, David J. Figura shares he is your average guy, fighting the battle of the bulge and using teeth whiting strips. He is an avid fisherman and passionate about encouraging men to take risks for a happier life. He knows the concept of “taking risks” well because of his own transformational journey.


So What are the Guys Doing? by David Figura is a thought-provoking read and the type of book that will spark conversation as readers reflect on a wide range of subjects from marriage and career, to sex and religion. Figura offers us the male perspective on some of life’s toughest questions.


Like many, David Figura reflected and took stock of his life when he felt at an existential impasse. His experience, and the truths he uncovered during his search, prompted him to write this book confident it would reach readers who could relate.


David shares “My intention in writing this book is to raise awareness, encourage discussion and spark action among men in their mid-life years who are asking themselves: “Is this as good as it gets?”

Ten years ago, that was me. I was unhappy with my marriage, my career and my life in general — and felt as if I had no one to talk to about it. Read about what I did to improve my life, and what other guys told me along the way as they grappled with the same issues.”


In “So What Are The Guys Doing?” Figura observes that many men during mid-life years are not as happy as women during this time of life. He examines why that’s so and shares what he did to improve his life, along with commentary garnished from the men he interviewed (over 50). But this book isn’t just for the guys, or folks in their middle ages. This book is being bought by women who are placing it on their husbands or boyfriends desk, in their fishing tackle boxes, and reading it themselves to figure out the guys.


John Gray, author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” endorses Figura’s book, noting, “Its message to middle-age men about the importance of getting and keeping their male friends close is much needed.”


“Dave’s book serves as an important reminder that good friends really do make a good life, a reminder I desperately needed at the exact moment I picked up “So What Are The Guys Doing?” As a result, I’m on my way to having those good friends and that good life!”– Angela Daddabbo, Artistic Director for Auburn Public Theater


Now his book has received international attention. Nominated as a finalist (out of 1500 submissions), So What Are the Guys Doing? won the self-help, relationship category in the International Book Awards– Honoring Excellence in Independent and Mainstream Publishing.


A great summer vacation read (and Father’s Day gift idea). You can purchase a copy of this book at Amazon, and at Barnes and Noble and for Audio Book Lovers, his audio book is on iTunes, Audible.


Learn more at  or Listen to a  audio book sample narrated by David.

David is the outdoors writer for The Post-Standard newspaper. He covers everything from birding to bear hunting and lives in Skaneateles, NY with his wife, Laura.

Laura Ponticello is an Amazon bestselling author of Live the Life of Your Dreams: 33 Tips for Inspired Living, inspired by life stories of people across the globe. Her current book is The Art of Self Transformation, A Guide to Awakening. Connect with Laura.

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