Joyful Journeys: Sacred Pauses With God, By Susan Lynn Major

sacred puases 1A book of hope for anyone dealing with life’s struggles. Joyful Journeys, Sacred pauses with God illustrates the transformative powers of love, humor, and faith in facing everyday challenges.
buy now“This book reminds us that life is a journey, but with every bump in the road and corner we turn there is hope and joy and ways of finding the greatness in every moment.” – Julia Wamp, founder of the Alive Foundation

“Joyful Journeys is a book that has made me think of my life and my relationship with God in an entirely new way. It is extremely approachable in its message, not overbearing, yet it sends a strong message. I recommend this book for anyone who is trying to figure out how to live more fully. I’m having my three daughters read it as well because the messages are so important for young people.” – Allison Zang

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