July Reflection

Summer is here and it is ripe with sun-soaked afternoons, late sunsets, and barefoot mornings. Rainbows and emerald grass reminds us all of the organic power of Mother Nature and her ability to regenerate

It is also vacation time for many – travels and family adventures, the charming Americana of parades and barbecues, and above all a sense of community that enlivens us all with a reminder of the collective force when people come together. It reaffirms, driving home how important sharing our stories is to our daily lives.

As you embark on your summer adventures, I encourage you to share your stories with close friends as well as strangers, and in turn listen to their’s. You may discover a connection you didn’t know and the start of a common thread that can continue to weave through your lives.

Divine Phoenix authors are sharing their stories once again. Author Ann Campanella was recently featured on Elin Barton’s Ready, Set, Grit where she shares her stories with heart, love of horses, and a topic that many of us are facing in a deeply emotional way – aging parents.

Please listen to this wonderful podcast with Elin Barton and Ann Campanella and help us share it out. 

You can learn more at www.anncampenalla.com and www.elinbarton.com
Listen to the full audiobook on Amazon.

Laura Ponticello is an Amazon bestselling author of Live the Life of Your Dreams: 33 Tips for Inspired Living, inspired by life stories of people across the globe. Her current book is The Art of Self Transformation, A Guide to Awakening. Connect with Laura.

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