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A great summer read is like a cup of sweet tea, tastes good and you simply want more of it. Notable books transcend time, space and place and allow the reader to be transported to narratives which makes one feel like a participant in a symphony. Summertime is an opportunity to indulge in sensational summer reads.


As I prepare for a day at the Lake, my bag is fully complete with preferred staples, such as, water bottle, bookmarker with sunflowers, bit sized journal to pen reflections – and of course, the crisp bright white pages of a favorite book.


Favorite reads include

CNY Author Sheila Myers is an Associate Professor at Cayuga Community College in the Finger Lakes Region where she resides with her husband and three kids. She has devoted her time to educating others about protecting the natural world. Her first fictional novel Ephemeral Summer, is about Emalee Rawlings, a young woman trying to find her way through life after the murder/suicide of her parents. Readers will explore the meaning of true love and gain an appreciation for the natural world.


Her second and third novels are historical based on the life of the Durant family who helped forge the transcontinental railroad.


Sheila shares, “I have found history can be a moving target and fiction allows me to re-imagine the motivations and aspirations of some of the most colorful characters in American history during the gilded age.  This website chronicles my research journey.”


Learn more about this fascinating story and the historical research that went into making the pages of these stories come alive.



The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert. I absolutely love the copy that Elizabeth’s publicist sent for review so much that the book is on display in my kitchen next to culinary herbs; apropos given the content of the read is a story about botany. The novel follows the fortunes of brilliant Alama Whittaker as she comes into her own within the world of plants and science.

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