Enchanted One


“The world we live in might not be free from pain, but you have the ability to create for yourself a world free from struggle.”
― Sheila ApplegateEnchanted One: The Portal to Love

As a conduit to help share transformational messages and stories with love and hope, Enchanted One, The Portal to Love fills me with wisdom and practical messages to embrace life’s challenges and navigate to a pure space of love.

I was honored to serve as a literary agent for this title and to be personally inspired by Sheila’s ability to bring forth an incredible story that is needed today more than ever in our modern times. Join me as we celebrate the divine feminine and the message of The Portal to Love.

In Enchanted One, winner of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for best book in the category of Spirituality, Sheila Applegate provides readers with a guide to embracing love in every moment. It gently reopens and reconnects readers’ hearts with their minds and encourages surrender as they delve more deeply into their heart center to explore emotions. The Enchanted One supports the highest expression as readers find themselves resting in Divine Love. In this space you will remember that you are a beautiful reflection of Divine Love on earth.

In her book, Applegate offers a message of love that weaves together channeled messages from the vibrations of divine feminine with her own personal experiences of embracing the full spectrum of emotions as a gateway to living in harmony with All That Is.

Whether you are beginning your journey of exploring emotions and living in unconditional love, or you have journeyed deep within your soul and are on the verge of fully integrating Divine Love into every aspect of your life, this book will meet you where you are and gently guide you to the next level.

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