Celebrating Stories of Hope – Breast Cancer Awareness Month


I remember the day Susan answered the door with her pink heading covering and pink lipstick to match. She was deep into chemotherapy, tired and a byproduct of the medical treatment was brain fog. Yet she welcomed me into her home – with a smile.

Central New York Resident, cancer survivor and teacher Susan Lynn Majorknows what it is like firsthand, being a survivor. As an author, she penned Joyful Journeys, Sacred Pauses with God to share a message of hope for all those who feel the weight of struggle and reminds us of the transformative power of love, humor and faith. Using her personal journey as a cancer survivor and experience hosting retreats and dialogues for moms and daughters, Major teaches us to daily make time for a Sacred Pause with God.

When Susan first constructed her book, I sat in her living room as we organized the chapters in a book form. Susan wanted, the book to offer hope and be filled with joy, and laughter. Despite her road to recovery was tough, especially as a mom of three young children, she was determined to share her experiences (before, during and after cancer) with others.

Susan found solace in faith and in God. She knew a presence beyond her own was helping her muster the courage to move forward. Then she paused long enough to be present in a single day and in that occurrence, found strength and grace.

Fast forward five years later and this survivor is thriving. She refused to be defined by her cancer experience, instead used the journey as fuel to offer hope to others. Today she is passionate about her family life, being a mom first. As a teacher to youth, she exemplifies what she teaches, and encourages other to find joy in the everyday life occurrences.

You can learn more about Susan Lynn Major and purchase a copy of her book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

For every copy purchased, we will donate $1.00 of the sale to help pay it forward to Positively Pink Packages, a CNY nonprofit who makes new diagnosed cancer packages for Breast Cancer patients. Learn about upcoming events to support Breast Cancer awareness.

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