How can we work with Mother Nature?

Mother Nature has certainly been showing us her strength  – and power, recently. At a time when all the leaves are beginning to change, and we watch in wonder how she transforms herself from season to season, we are also reminded of her ability to metamorphose communities and landscapes. 

As I’ve watched the news these past several weeks and sit in awe of the resilient people who have overcome devastation to their homes and communities, I am moved by the overwhelming drive to help those affected. Our compassion, our sense of responsibility to take care of each other is so much more than that which divides us. As Mother Nature bears her most wondrous of abilities, she reminds us Humans that we have everything within to unite, collaborate, and recover.

Speaking of Mother Nature, I recently met with best-selling and award-winning author Mark Coleman, a recognized voice, business advisor and consultant on the convergence of sustainability, environmental stewardship, energy, technology and innovation.

His passion for our planet and enthusiasm for being a steward of change gave me hair-raising chills as we shared dialogue around global connectivity, authenticity and leading from a space of change consciousness.

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