November Inspiration

Cozy-Cat (1).jpg

Last year at this time I discovered and shared with readers the Danish concept known as Hygge, which is defined by a sense of feeling cozy and joyful. It’s the sense that regardless of the temperature outside, late October/early November hits and we instinctively feel the compulsion to hunker in, light a fire, and settle down with a good story and conversation.

Though it is most generally associated with the holidays and cold weather season, I’ve tried to capture Hygge and incorporate it into my life year-round. It’s the very sensation that keeps moments of reflection so profoundly valuable – it is an inward glance and a concentration to bring awareness to things of value: friends and family, the hearth and home, stories and their transformative nature.

At the intersection of living and sharing your own stories of transformation are moments such as these which you find in Hygge. You feel inspired and a sense of pride in your journey; a drive to self-reflect and build an appreciation for how your life and choices have transpired. And, once that happens, sharing with your metamorphosis with the world is a crescendo of your journey.

Katie FiguraComment