Susan Lynn Major’s Creative Journey

As we step forward with the New Year (it’s 2018), there is desire for renewal and wellness. Given the rush of the holiday season, the New Year provides an opportunity to get connected with YOU! To pause long enough to notice, and to find joy in every day occurrences.

Inspirational speaker, author and teacher, Susan Lynn Major evokes positive energy of hope. Her passion and life work are to encourage others to find joy even amidst struggles. Through personal stories, humor and a profound message of faith, Susan Lynn Major uses her own journey to inspire others in their daily lives. Major’s book reminds us of the transformative power of love, humor, and faith.

“Have you ever felt like you had a fresh start in life, like a powerful breath has just swept your slate clean and suddenly you’re seeing life through a new pair of glasses? Susan’s book Joyful Journeys, Sacred Pauses with God had the effect on me. Take this journey with Susan and never look back! We can all awaken to our truest selves. Thank you Susan for reminding us of this through your incredible courage and faith in God.”-Chynna Phillips Baldwin, Actress and Member of the Wilson Phillips
Recently Susan Lynn Major and I shared time together as she inspired me with her wit and wisdom. We discussed the creative writing process plus finding joy and balance in life. Weaving in her own transformative journey and offering personal stories with grace, faith and humor, Susan inspired me.

The Writer’s Creative Journey will feature Susan this Thursday – be sure to listen as positivity and joy are celebrated, and tips are offered for writers, parents and those seeking happiness in every day life.

You can listen to Susan tell her story on StitcherSoundCloud and ITunes.

You can learn more about Susan Lynn Major and purchase a copy of her book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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