Sarah Applegate’s Creative Journey

Sarah Applegate is a major consumer of podcasts, an award-winning audiobook producer, former host of Our Voice Now~Humanities Team, and will complete her bachelor’s degree in screenwriting in May, 2018. Since completing this interview she began interning at Conan.

As the audio producer of this podcast, Sarah was tempted to edit out her “likes” and “ums”  but she recently saw Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, from 2 Dope Queens, own their filler words so she will too.

Sarah’s goal is to use her writing to evoke compassion in society. She has witnessed the power that television has to weaken people’s prejudices and wants to be a part of this medium of transformation. Through her radio show and podcast work, Sarah has been dedicated to using media as a platform to share diverse voices and she intends to continue this on an even larger scale.

Learn more about Sarah on her website and follow her on twitter.

You can listen to Sarah tell her story on StitcherSoundCloud and ITunes starting Thursday February, 22 .

Katie Figura