Horsewoman and freelance writer Ann Campanella moves back to North Carolina after being away from her family for several years. Ready to start a family, Ann’s foundation is shaken when she experiences multiple miscarriages at the same time her mother, who lives on the opposite side of the state, begins showing signs of Alzheimer’s. 

As her mother’s illness progresses and Ann’s window of potential motherhood begins to close, she finds comfort in her horse Crimson and gradually gains a deeper understanding of what it means to love and live fully. Motherhood, Lost and Found is a finalist in the memoir category, Next Generation Independent Book Awards –  the world’s largest not-for-profit independent book awards.

Motherhood: Lost and Found is available in Ebook Form on ibooks, amazon, nook and soon in audio book. Motherhood: Lost and Found is an Indie Next Generation Award Finalist and former magazine editor Ann Campanella is determined to raise awareness for important causes like alzhemeirs, dementia and aging parents. Her story is critically acclaimed, as the reader goes on a journey with Ann, with her horses as the backdrop for her own healing. Learn more at