When faced with the devastating results of a failed business, Anne Mallore was able to take a God-given gift and turn it into a “New Leash On Life” for her and her family. As they were losing everything they had, they channelled the love for their dog and made a commitment to build a better boarding facility for pets. Their situation is not unique; how they handled it is.

With strength and the knowledge that “we are as we are supposed to be right now; no coincidences,” they worked to build a very successful pet business. Wags Pet Center in Marcellus, NY became their passion and provided them the opportunity to get back on their feet.

The author and her family are proof that sometimes failure is the ultimate path to success.


“The first thought that entered my mind after reading this book was COURAGE! Anne Mallore is a courageous woman!! And her family is courageous!! We typically talk about our accolades in life…..Anne and her family had the stamina and strength to admit hardship…..now that’s impressive. And they sustained those hardships……I wish them great things always. You should all be very proud!”